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Are your existing door locks at par with the latest security requirements? Are you looking to upgrade to something better and more effective for some time now? Would you like to install effective solutions that use high security keys? Locksmith Key Store brings the best market options to our clients in Baltimore, MD. Most of the door locks might keep you outdoors but not the thieves and the burglars! This is not a joke but extreme cause for concern. Do not compromise the security aspects of your home and office anymore. Consider installation of locks with high security keys for a worry-free existence.

Locksmith Key Store Baltimore, MD 410-941-7021Which locks use the high security keys?

In general, these locks are harder to break than your run-of-the-mill options. The specific, well thought out designs of these locks make it extremely difficult for the thieves to force or pick them. The major benefits for you to enjoy with high security keys solutions include the following:

  • Pick proof
  • Drill and bump resistant
  • Protection against duplication

Any unauthorized person will not be able to copy the high security keys. This increases the confidence level of the users significantly.

Features of high security locks that make them popular

We offer the most highly advanced options in high security keys and lock solutions. Through our recommendations, installation, and maintenance, you will benefit from the various high-end features that include,

  • Key control: You might limit distribution, duplication of keys as these contain warding and bow patterns. In order to open, one requires codes or security cards.
  • Restrictive keyways: Maneuvering and inserting tools inside the lock is difficult due to complex keyways use.
  • Manipulation resistant: Decoding and lock picking attacks mostly fail because the design of components within these products is made keeping these factors in mind.
  • Long-life: Locks are durable and will have a longer life.
  • Forced entry/destruction resistance: Use of robust designs and strong materials adds to the functionality of such key solutions.

Get expert high security keys service for maximizing on-the-premises protection

With something as specialized and sophisticated as installation of high security keys, lock mechanisms, you require experts on the job. Locksmith Key Store is your natural choice with 10+ years of spotless records.

Pick up the phone and call us on 410-941-7021. We will help make your home/office security foolproof.